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Ultherapy, at BrightNewMe

As we age, our production of collagen and elastin reduces, and this causes our skin to lose strength and elasticity.  This can be particularly noticeable around the cheeks, jowls, neck and decolletage. Whilst muscle-relaxing injections are invaluable for treating overactive muscles (and associated wrinkles), and dermal fillers can treat loss of volume, neither of these procedures tighten the skin.

In 2009, after undergoing a stringent testing and assessment process, Ultherapy received its first approval from the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) as a procedure to treat lax and sagging skin in the lower face. It remains the only system of its kind to have FDA approval, and also the only one to have CE kitemark (the EU equivalent). 

  • Scientifically proven
  • Stimulates new collagen and elastin
  • Reverse the signs of ageing
  • Lifting and firming accumulates over six months
  • Effects can last for over a year
  • Minimal downtime
  • Suitable for most skin tones
  • Personally tailored treatment
  • No special post-treatment skincare

The Ultherapy® procedure bypasses the surface of the skin, and delivers focussed ultrasound energy to the deep, structural tissues. The tiny pockets of trauma caused by the ultrasound energy provoke the body’s natural, regenerative response, which includes stimulating the growth of new collagen and elastin (two proteins essential for firm, toned skin). It is the production of new collagen and elastin that causes the skin to gradually lift and tighten.

Why choose Ultherapy?

As a doctor-led clinic, our ethos at BrightNewMe has always been to provide the best and safest possible treatment options available. There are other ultrasound systems available, but none of them have been subjected to the rigorous FDA approval process. Furthermore Ultherapy, with its patented DeepSEE® technology, is the only system of its type that allows the user to visualise the tissues into which the ultrasound energy will be delivered. This ability to see the different structures of the skin enables the user to target the ultrasound energy precisely, allowing for a more bespoke, tailored, and comfortable treatment.

For patient information there is a helpful video (below) explaining more on the science of Ultherapy, and how it lifts and firms the skin. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page, to explain more about the treatment itself, and an Ultherapy prices page to give an indication of the various options, and associated cost.

Patient experience

Although we have a dedicated page for general client testimonials, below you will see recent feedback received from a patient who has undergone the Ultherapy procedure with us.

I am now 3 or 4 months in on an ultherapy session- I can feel the sag has gone around my jaw line already probably after 2 months but 4 months in there is a visible difference in my face and several people have suggested I have lost weight because my jaw and neck are taut. I’ve been so impressed I am now going back to do my upperface.
I am a sceptic. However, I am astonished and extremely pleased with the results of Ultherapy and delighted that I managed to ignore my fears surrounding self indulgence, after all why not? The result is extremely pleasing. It was strangely more painful in an agitating sort of a way than I had anticipated so prepare by taking some analgesia. Maybe download something frivolous to listen to as well.

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