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Ultherapy – Cost of treatment

Ultherapy can be used to lift and tighten skin over many areas of the face, as well as the jaw, the neck, and the chest (décolletage).




Upper lip


Eye area – above the eyes (brow lift)


Eye area – to the side and beneath the eyes


Upper face (above, below, and to the side of the eyes)


Lower face (the cheeks, the jawline, and under the jawline)


Lower face and neck (the above, plus the lower neck)


Full face (upper and lower face)


Full face and neck (the above, plus the lower neck)


Lower neck (below the ‘lower face’, to just above the collarbone)


Décolletage (below the collarbone)


NB The above costings assume treatment is delivered in adherence to the STANDARD protocols, according to the system manufacturer’s guidance. Treatments are typically tailored to the unique characteristics of the individual, which may mean more, or less, lines of energy being recommended than the standard protocol. Charges on an individual basis may therefore vary, though this would always be discussed and agreed in advance of any decision to proceed.

For patients proceeding with treatment costing in excess of £1,000, we would schedule an invitation for follow-up at four months, your visit to include a complimentary Skin Health for Life HydraFacial treatment worth £120.

Many patients follow their Ultherapy treatment with Dermalux LED light therapy, the cost of which is £25 (as opposed to the normal £40) for a 30 minute session. This will not only reduce the downtime (any possible redness and wheals) but also provide antiageing/ general skin benefits.

Please note that for any treatment costing in excess of £1,000, a deposit of 50% of the anticipated cost is required at the time of booking. You are at complete liberty to change your mind and decide not to proceed, and if this is the case you will be refunded in full (unless less than three working days’ notice is given, in which case a £100 administration fee will be deducted).

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