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Skincare, at BrightNewMe

I am passionate about helping my patients improve the quality of their skin, whatever their stage in life, and whatever issues they have with their skin.  In my opinion, undertaking treatments and procedures to enhance and rejuvenate without first improving the underlying quality of the skin is like trying to build a house without solid foundations. At BrightNewMe we look to guide patients through their options, with a view to helping them achieve radiant, healthy-looking skin.

Skin consultations

The first stage of improving skin health entails attending a detailed skin consultation to assess your medical history and existing skincare regime. This is followed by a thorough examination of your skin, including photographic assessment.  I discuss my assessment and findings with you and offer you suggestions and recommendations to consider.  This may involve procedures to address specific issues (such as skin lesions, or thread veins), or a course of HydraFacial treatments to give the skin an immediate boost.

In addition, and where appropriate, my recommendations may include the use of prescription-strength skincare products.  I may devise a skincare regime, bespoke for your own needs, whilst ensuring that my recommendations take into account the financial and time commitment you are able to make.

Prescription based skincare ranges – Obagi® and ZO®

I firmly believe that prescription skincare is THE most effective way to rejuvenate all skin types. At BrightNewMe I recommend and prescribe products from both Obagi® and ZO® ranges (Obagi was the first prescription-based range of skincare products introduced into the UK, with ZO being the next stage in skincare science, both pioneered by the renowned Dr. Zein Obagi).

Skincare products bought ‘over-the-counter’, on the high street or online (even very expensive ‘cosmeceuticals’), are all classified as ‘cosmetics’ along with, for example, nail varnish and make-up. Such items are not permitted to alter the anatomy, physiology and biochemistry of the skin. They can legally contain only a very limited concentration of active ingredients and have no effect on the skin cells below the epidermis (the top layer of the skin, which includes dead skin cells). In contrast, medically prescribed products contain much greater concentrations of active ingredients. This enables them to penetrate below the epidermis and regulate the skin at a much deeper cellular level. It is this superior penetration, combined with medical strength active ingredients, that leads to effective results.

Skin concerns

There is a wide range of conditions which can be dramatically improved by the use of a bespoke regime of medical-grade products:

  • Freckles, dark patches and pigmentation
  • Sun damage, sun spots/ age spots
  • Acne, blemishes and large pores
  • Rosacea/redness
  • Mild scarring
  • Facial fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dull texture or tone

Some conditions require specific physical treatment, such as skin lesions (which I treat with cryotherapy), or thread veins (which I treat with thermo-coagulation). We also offer skin microneedling (for fine lines, pigmentation and scarring), Ultherapy (which tightens the skin) and Volite injections (for skin quality).


I offer free initial consultations to outline potential treatment options. We often ask for photographs in advance so that we can advise of suitability for treatment.

Subsequent skincare consultations with myself are chargeable, at £75 for a 15- 20 minute consultation.

Product costs

I recommend a wide range of products, which vary in price considerably, from an exfoliating paste at £15 to a serum at £196. For most patients on a whole regime (wash, exfoliator, toner, serums and sun screen) the cost of products is approximately £100 per month.

Since the products are all registered as medicines they are only available to purchase following consultation with me. Our products come directly from approved/licensed pharmacies and are charged at their recommended retail prices.  We do not seek to compete with internet retailers, and caution patients with regards to buying prescriptions on the internet where fake and counterfeit products are commonplace. If you would like to know the cost of any particular Obagi® and ZO® product please do not hesitate to phone or email us.

Many patients combine their prescription skin care with a course of  Dermalux LED light therapy, the cost of which is £40 for one 30 minute session, £200 for six or £360 for 12. This will not only reduce any initial downtime (redness) but also provide further antiageing/ general skin benefits.

Further information

As existing patients are aware, I’m very keen on patient education. I encourage all to read my various skincare information pages, covering a wide range of subjects such as dealing with acnerosacea, the dangers of over-moisturising, and the need to use sun protection at all times.

Patient experience

Although we have a dedicated page for general client testimonials, below you will see a selection of comments from patients whose skin I have treated. Click on the extract to see the comments in full.

I first went to Bright New Me in July 2018 after experiencing adult acne for six years. I had tried what felt like every treatment available with no signs of improvement. From my first appointment with Sarah I felt confident that I had finally found the treatment I needed. Sarah took the time to explain my skin and the causes of my acne. She provided a tailored skincare regime and I also managed to get a HydraFacial on the same day. The results have been incredible. After two months I had stopped wearing foundation for the first time in years. It’s now been 11 months and not only has my acne nearly completely resolved but the scarring and pigmentation I thought I would have long term has also reduced significantly. My skin improves weekly and I have received compliments that it looks “radiant”. The team at Bright New Me have been consistently supportive and accessible whenever I need them, whether to order further products or for skincare advice. The regular HydraFacials with Julie are wonderful and she is also a wealth of skincare knowledge and advice. I would highly recommend attending Bright New Me and I will certainly continue to do so.
I didn’t really have any specific skin related issues but just wanted to look the best I could. Sarah was recommended to me by a friend. I was looking for a new skin care range that would improve the brightness of my complexion and reduce fine lines. I have been using the skin care products for 3 weeks and have had 1 hydra facial to date. The results are quite dramatic. My skin is definitely brighter and fine lines have reduced. Friends are saying ‘ you look well’!
Sarah is now my go to “professional perfectionist” fantastic before and after care advice and a true credit to her business. Very thorough in patient examinations and has a very pleasant patient manner. She’s has been my saviour for my skin after a hard year for me, and I truly favour Sarah, highly recommended. Sarah has quite literally turned my frown upside down.
I am thrilled with my skin since starting to see Sarah. I thought the state of my skin was normal aging, it was red, lumpy and sore. It turned out I was using completely the wrong products and too much of them. I was wearing loads of make up and it was affecting my confidence and mood. In just a few months with my new skin care regimen from Sarah I saw an enormous improvement. My skin is peachy and smooth and I’m so pleased I found Bright New Me, I would recommend to anyone.Liz H
I went for a consultation with Sarah and she was lovely, she immediately made me feel comfortable. She really understood my skin needs and took the time to explain everything in detail, and happily answered my long list of questions! Sarah genuinely wants to help you and she talked me though what products/treatment would be suitable for my skin concerns. When I had an issue with my skin, I phoned Helen at reception and she was amazing and so understanding, she checked with Sarah and called me back like she said she would. Even posted me out a free sample of cream! My skin is now much improved thanks to Sarah and the wonderful Julie who does my hydra facials. Bright new me is the place to visit if you want great service and honest expert advice. Thanks again to the whole team. .
I really just want to thank you and Sarah for the exceptional treatment”¦ I can’t tell you how many people compliment me on my skin all the time, and I couldn’t recommend your services more highly. I remember during the first month of treatment I sent over photos as my skin was getting worse and Sarah reassured me that if I stuck with it that my skin would be flawless, and she was so right. Please extend my gratitude to Sarah. I don’t use any other products on my skin, and I have so much confidence now.
I have had many treatments with Sarah and the team. All of which are amazing. I would highly recommend the hydra-facial and skin brightening treatments. My skin looked so fresh and youthful afterwards. I can’t wait for my next treatment. The team and clinic is very inviting, professional and the staff are very warm and informative of the products on offer. Bright New Me also provide me with a great skin care routine for my problematic skin, Sarah recommends the right product for my skin. I am loving the ZO skin care range.
Effective treatments. Very professional clinic. Dr Sarah explains everything thoroughly. Skin care products are excellent. Looking forward to my next visit.
I have been visiting the clinic for about a year now as I suffer with rosacea . When I first met Sarah I liked her immediately – she listened to what I had to say and how the redness of my face makes me feel . I have been using the skin care range ZO. These products have helped improve my skin immensely.
Loving my skin now I’m in my 50’s – and that is all down to Sarah’s excellent knowledge and advice. After so many years of acne I thought I had to live with breakouts, but that is no longer the case. Sarah’s knowledge is complemented by her lovely, caring manner. THANK YOU!
I came to visit Sarah after developing a sudden outbreak of adult acne during my final year at university. Sarah completely transformed my skin! From the moment I walked into Bright New Me, Sarah provided me with the most professional service and tailored my treatment to suit my skin and my needs. Her knowledge was exceptional and even when my skin didn’t improve initially she continued to support me and gave me lots of advice. My treatment worked after 18 weeks and now I love my skin! Sarah helped me to regain my confidence and made my skin even better than it was before the acne! I can’t thank her enough.

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