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I was chuffed to bits to receive the Quality Research Award from the British College of Aesthetic Medicine in September 2022.

The British College of Aesthetic Medicine is the UK’s leading representative body for doctors practising aesthetic medicine. The award was for my clinical paper published in the international medical Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy on The Lifting Effect of Botox.

To receive the award was such an honour! My research was something good out of lockdown #1 when we had to close our clinic for 4 months.

If I’m honest I found doing research on my own quite hard going – analysing the data from 100 patients. I’ve realised I much prefer hands on clinical work and interacting with patients. But I’m really pleased I managed to follow my project though, get it published, and then even win an award!

The details of the research very much fit in with one of my favourite techniques for using Botox. This involves treating the facial muscles with a really subtle dose to lift the eyebrows and open up the eyes for a brighter, fresher, less tired look. No-one need know!

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