I’m often asked for my recommendations on helping to maintain great looking skin. Here are 7 of my top tips-

1 – Never use solid soap (which is alkaline and disrupts the normal acid pH of the skin).


2 – Exfoliate twice a week. This will encourage the dead skin cells to slough off and increase production of new, healthy cells.


3 – Don’t over-moisturise, as this can cause dead cells to be retained on the surface of the skin, creating a dull skintone. In fact, habitual moisturising can actually dry the skin out, because the moisture-producing cells slow down through inactivity. Read more about moisturisers here.

dull skin

4 – Use a broad spectrum sun cream (which covers UVA, UVB, HEV and IR) every day, even when indoors. This lorry driver, with marked sun damage on one side of his face, serves as a reminder that the sun’s UVA damaging rays pass easily through glass.

HGV driver resized

5 – Use an anti-oxidant serum, such as one containing Vitamin C, on a daily basis.

Vit C fruit

6 – Incorporate a Vitamin A cream (Retinol is one example) into your regime – there is extensive evidence that it has benefits for acne, ageing, pigmentation & skin moisture levels.


7 – Use a product to correct uneven pigmentation – research shows that pigmentation on the face is actually more ‘ageing’ than lines and wrinkles. Find out more here.

uneven pigmentation