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Journalist Sarah Vine on ‘Why you SHOULDN’T buy my favourite face cream’

We all love reading beauty columns in newspapers and magazines. Often, however, I cringe at journalists blatantly endorsing various expensive face creams which, as we all know, the journalist has been sent for free. In contrast I’m delighted that Sarah Vine (previously of The Times) has written a very sound article in today’s Daily Mail which I would encourage you to read.

As Sarah says, over the counter face creams can only contain a limited amount of active ingredients. Furthermore, I would add that over-use of moisturising creams can be detrimental. I regularly see patients with dull, sensitive skin from excessive use of such face creams. Moisturising has the opposite effect of exfoliating – it sticks on dead skin cells. This leads to an artificially plumped outer dead layer of skin and then a feeling of sensitivity when it is disrupted for example on washing.

My patients at BrightNewMe see huge benefits from the Obagi range of prescription products which Sarah talks about in her article. Yes, in the early stages there are side effects. But this can be managed with expert advice, and in due course the skin will be working properly once again at a cellular level. Healthy, glowing skin is achievable for all, and is hugely empowering.
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