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The eyes are the first thing people notice when meeting face to face and establishing eye contact. Our eyelashes visually frame and emphasise our eyes. They also have important physical functions – to protect the eyes from foreign particles and to act like cats whiskers, allowing us to detect something too close to our eyes.

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As we get older our eyelashes become shorter, thinner, less dense and lighter in colour. However, it is possible to stimulate the growth of your eyelashes (and eyebrows too for that matter) by using a product called Amalian lashes. It is used just like a liquid eyeliner, once daily, and is highly effective in 4-6 weeks (I can personally vouch for this, having used it myself).


There are other eyelash growth products available, but many carry a very real risk of side effects, such as discolouration of the skin around the eyelid, and even darkening of the iris itself. Obviously I wouldn’t recommend such products, but I am happy to endorse Amalian lashes, which is clinically tested, non-allergenic, non-irritant and has no risk of causing discolouration. And it works!


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