Most skin experts now agree that a good sun cream is the single best anti-ageing product you can have. But are you doing enough to protect your skin?

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I often hear patients saying that they don’t use a suncream, as their moisturiser or foundation already contains ‘protection’. However, a sun protection factor rating (eg SPF 15 or SPF 25) tells you only that it protects against UVB rays, which are the rays that burn the skin. It is actually UVA rays which cause the skin to age and wrinkle, and you are only protected from UVA if your cream states that it is ‘broad spectrum’ or has a specific ‘star’ or ‘plus’ rating for UVA.

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So if the cream or moisturiser you use does not offer UVA protection you really do need to add a dedicated suncream into your regime. And remember to use suncream every day, even when it’s cloudy, as clouds do little to prevent our exposure to harmful UVA. Keep ageing at bay!