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Do the Government’s proposals for tighter regulation of non-surgical cosmetic procedures go far enough?

Press Release from BrightNewMe

The Government has today issued its response to the Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions, which was undertaken by Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director of the NHS, in 2013. The review was highly critical of the lack of regulation in the industry for procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers.

The House of Commons Resized

Hale-based Dr Sarah Norman, specialist aesthetic practitioner at the BMI Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, and BrightNewMe clinic in Altrincham, feels that the Government response addresses some issues, but doesn’t go far enough. Dr Norman notes “There are certainly some sensible proposals, which responsible medical practitioners should fully endorse. For example, the Government wants to set up a central register of practitioners, and entry to the register will be subject to certain requirements. These will include criteria for premises being used for procedures, which should eliminate the practice of offering treatments out of hairdressers and beauty salons. The Government response also stresses the need for practitioners to provide continuity of care for patients. This should again limit the practice of those in the industry who visit multiple locations, attending each only once a month.”


However, Dr Norman does not feel that the response goes far enough, especially with regard to non-healthcare practitioners, who theoretically may still be able to practise if “under the supervision” of a clinical professional. Furthermore, although the stated government intention is to make dermal filler treatments prescription-only, they have deferred the introduction of such a policy pending EU legislation. Dr Norman states “Patients shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that these are medical procedures, and should only be administered by those with a full clinical background, duly accredited and appropriately trained.”

The full Government response can be found here

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