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Our commitment to you and your wellbeing.
As a medical clinic, we are taking all appropriate measures to protect you, along with all patients and staff, with regards to COVID-19. Safety has always been paramount at BrightNewMe and this remains the case in these unprecedented times.

What we are doing:
We are stringently following all government guidelines, whilst also incorporating additional medical hygiene measures of our own.
As indicated below, screening patients prior to their attendance to clinic
We have ensured we have sufficient medical grade hygiene products to maintain high standards within the clinic for the foreseeable future.
We are maximising hygiene procedures between each patient.

Changes you will notice in clinic:
All touchpoints, such as door handles, taps, examination couches, bannisters, chair rests etc are sanitized between patient visits.
We are asking that all patients on entry to the clinic wash their hands thoroughly in accordance with WHO ( world health organization) guidelines.
We are asking all patients to attend appointments alone.
Children are not permitted to attend appointments nor wait in the waiting room.

Please do not attend clinic, even to collect products, if:
You are displaying any symptoms of the virus, which include a persistent dry cough, shortness of breath and high temperature.
A fellow householder is displaying symptoms.
You have recently returned from a high-risk area.

If any of the above apply, you should seek additional advice, starting with the NHS COVID-19 specific webpage at We will be waiving our normal cancellation/loss of deposit policy until further notice, should you feel the need to cancel an appointment in these circumstances.

We ask for your understanding and patience with these stringent measures. We are confident that we can continue to offer a safe service to our patients.
Stay safe.

From the team at BrightNewMe

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