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Facial Redness

Do you suffer with facial redness, especially across the cheeks and nose? If so you may have Rosacea (pronounced row-zay-sha). This often starts with a tendency to flush and frequently occurs in fair skinned people aged 40-60. Whilst it’s more common in women, when it occurs in a male patient it tends to be more severe. In addition to generalised redness, those with rosacea often experience a burning or stinging sensation, and the skin in the area can be particularly sensitive, especially to sunlight. Patients may describe trigger factors such as spicy food, alcohol, stress, exercise, wind, a change in […]

Is your skin often red?

Rosacea can affect both the skin’s appearance and texture. It is easily recognisable if the skin is visibly pink or red in colour, however sometimes it can present as transient redness, such as flushing with spicy food or alcohol. Quite often with rosacea, there is also an increased number of visible telangiectasias – these usually appear on the central part of the face, in a symmetrical distribution. There is no specific diagnostic test for the condition, nor is there any ‘cure’ as such. However, its symptoms can be managed with lifestyle modifications, an appropriate skincare regime, prescription-grade topical products and […]