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Teeth Clenching/ Grinding and Jaw Slimming

Bruxism (grinding of the teeth/ jaw clenching) is the 3rd most common sleep disorder (after insomnia & snoring). It is often associated with a widened/ square-shaped lower face due to hypertrophy (enlargement) of the masseter (jaw) muscle. Treatment of this condition using a muscle relaxant (Botox) can be really helpful, providing relief from tense muscles in spasm, by reducing the size and strength of the masseter muscles. If you suffer from this condition I would ask you to see your dentist first to have your bite/ teeth alignment checked. Some dentists offer a custom made guard where appropriate. At BrightNewMe […]

Excess Sweating – What are the options?

Excess sweating (also known as hyperhidrosis) is said to affect 3% of the population. Those unlucky enough to be affected are often constantly aware of their symptoms, and this can significantly inhibit them in their personal and professional lives. In fact, part of the consultation process I go through when seeing patients with hyperhidrosis consists of asking them to complete a Dermatology Life Quality Index assessment, which is an aid to determining just how much of an effect the condition is having on a person’s day to day activities. Despite popular belief, the condition is not just limited to the […]