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Anti-wrinkle injections don’t have to hurt!

Many patients considering anti-wrinkle injections for the first time have concerns that the injections may be painful. However, at BrightNewMe I have a number of ways of making sure that this is not the case, and that my procedures are surprisingly comfortable.

Firstly, in the case of muscle-relaxing injections (Botox), I use the finest needles available. These needles are so fine that they can barely be felt (I actually had a patient recently tell me that the anaesthetic cream I’d used had been really effective, because they couldn’t feel a thing – I didn’t have the heart to tell them the cream had been applied to a different area!). Being extremely fine these needles also cause virtually no bruising, even on potentially sensitive areas.


Secondly, and as mentioned above, I use a really effective local anaesthetic cream, which numbs the relevant area, and is especially useful prior to a dermal filler treatment. If planned in advance I can even arrange for a patient to use such a cream at home, for application well before treatment.


Finally I also make use of a wonderful new device called ‘Coolsense’. This is an ice cold probe which causes specific, localised numbness to a particular area for just a few minutes, whilst each injection is being undertaken.

Coolsense finger

If any potential patients have any anxiety or concerns prior to considering treatment I am always happy to discuss the above in more detail, to put minds at rest.

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