“I would have no hesitation recommending her”
I came to see Sarah for the first time in June 2012. I’ve had Botox previously with a number of different doctors in the Cheshire area but have never been completely satisfied with the results.
The last doctor I saw treated my forehead, eyes and frown but after two weeks I still had a lot of movement in my frown muscle. He agreed to give me a “top up” which made no difference at all. The second time I saw him he tried a different brand but nothing seemed to make a difference. He eventually told me I must be immune. I didn’t think this was the case as it seemed to work in other areas so I contacted Sarah to see if she could help me.

She explained that there are other reasons the treatment may not have worked and we had a detailed discussion on the phone. When I went for my consultation she took plenty of time to ask me questions and find out what look I wanted to achieve. She took some photographs which she also sent to me by email after the appointment. As I prefer the natural look, Dr Norman explained that she would achieve this by starting off with a modest dose which meant that I had to return for a “top up” after 2 weeks. Personally I would prefer this than too much in the first time.  After a week my frown line had completely gone but I felt that I needed a top up on my forehead which she agreed to at no extra cost.

I have never been so happy with the results and would have no hesitation recommending her.