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Under the expert direction of a qualified doctor, BrightNewMe is not about cosmetic interventions – just helping you look the best you can be.
In an increasingly visual and competitive world, men are realising the importance of making the most of their appearance. At the same time, they understandably view the extremes of surgery as a step too far, and they may be wary of being left with tell-tale signs of treatment.
But a clinic in Altrincham is offering the best of both worlds – a range of prescription skincare and non-surgical procedures to help clients look their very best, but with a strong emphasis on maintaining a very natural look. And all treatments are prescribed and administered by the clinic’s owner and clinical director, Dr Sarah Norman.
Sarah is certainly seeing an increase in the number of her male clientele “Men are more aware that the way they present themselves is important, in both their social and professional lives. If a man looks youthful, vibrant and energetic then people will immediately perceive him to be that way.”
Sarah’s initial focus is often on the quality of a client’s skin. “Contemplating other procedures when the skin itself is in poor condition is like building a house without foundations. And having better skin can immediately give a more healthy and attractive look.” Unlike mainstream products, which promise much but deliver very little, the products Sarah recommends are prescription only, making them far more effective. She treats a wide range of skin conditions, including pigmentation, acne and rosacea.

Sarah also treats unwanted lines and wrinkles, with the market for Botox for men said to be increasing by 10% annually. And it’s not just about looking ten years younger. “A lot of men frown significantly whilst concentrating. Over time very deep furrows can develop in the area between the eyes, creating an almost permanent scowl. By relaxing the muscles which cause the frown, these lines can be softened significantly.”

Sarah also uses Botox for less well known purposes, such as treating migraines, jaw problems, and even excessive perspiration.

So how does Sarah work? “My philosophy is simple – I want my clients to look better, not different. I take a ‘less is more’ approach, maximising the effectiveness of treatment whilst ensuring that clients maintain a full range of expression”. And as a qualified doctor of 25 years standing, Sarah always puts the well-being of her patients first.

Sarah prides herself on the discreet nature of her clinic, and her accessibility for those interested in her services. “I offer no-obligation initial consultations, which are free, but I’m always happy to chat by phone first.” For more information call 0161 926 3629, or visit www.brightnewme.co.uk