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Lip filler

Sale and Altrincham Messenger 30 May 2013

LUSCIOUS LIPS…..symmetrical and in proportion

Q – For a long time I have been unhappy with the shape and depth of my lips (they’re rather thin), and I’d quite like to do something about it. However, I’m very wary of ending up with the “˜trout-pout’ effect, which I think looks terrible. Is there a safe way to get the result I want? Paula, Altrincham
A – Hi Paula. I commend you for approaching the subject with caution, as there have indeed been some high profile cases where lip augmentation procedures have produced very unflattering results. It is quite likely that in those cases permanent fillers were used. Most reputable practitioners these days use fillers which are described as “˜temporary’, although they can last for up to eighteen months. These typically contain hyaluronic acid, a substance occurring naturally in the body, and this greatly reduces the likelihood of side-effects.

My personal approach to lip augmentation is very much towards the “˜less is more’ end of the spectrum. I believe it is essential that the shape of the lips ultimately match and complement the overall shape of the face, rather than being looked at in isolation. The lips do tend to lose volume with age, and ideally the relative heights of the lips would be in the proportion of 1/3 (top) to 2/3 (bottom). However, sometimes it can be more important to address a lack of symmetry of the mouth, or perhaps the somewhat “˜glum’ look that can arise when the corners of the mouth begin to turn downwards. My advice would be to undergo a thorough assessment with a reputable practitioner, ideally with the use of photography, to find out what your options might be.