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Sale and Altrincham Messenger 25 July 2013


One of the privileges of my job is being able to share in the joys of my patients’ success stories. Take Lisa for example, who works at a specialist Insurance Company in Altrincham, and who first came to see me in February.
“I’m 39 years old, and I have had problems with “˜mature’ cystic acne since my early 30’s. Throughout this time I spent a small fortune on over the counter supposed remedies, none of which seemed to make a difference. I eventually ended up with my GP, who prescribed a contraceptive pill. This helped for a while, but also gave me terrible headaches, so I had to stop taking it. My skin really used to get me down – on particularly bad skin days I used to cover up as best I could with expensive thick gloopy foundation over primer, with concealer and powder foundation to boot, but even then I still felt very self-conscious about my appearance. When I came across a leaflet for BrightNewMe, and being at the end of my tether, I thought “˜What do I have to lose?’. I emailed in, received a prompt response from Sarah herself, which was very welcoming (and made me feel like I wasn’t the only “˜freak’ out there) and I booked in to see her.

I was with Sarah for an hour, and she was great. She took time to find out what I’d tried already, what my present products were, and to discuss her recommendations. She even pre-empted my own thoughts around the products I already had and we talked about other ways to use them to avoid wastage. After thinking it over, I booked in for treatment, and came back for a face peel (to get me started) and then a course of skincare from the prescription-only range Sarah recommended. The effects of the treatment (over a relatively short period of time) have been truly amazing, and I can’t begin to explain the difference my new look has made to me. The “˜Tips’ sheet Sarah prepared for me was great, along with the advice she gives me by telephone or at my follow-up appointments. I now have a consolidated regime, which is easy to manage. I had no hesitation in accepting Sarah’s invitation to share my story, and photos, with her readers”.