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Sale and Altrincham Messenger 13 June 2013

Eyebrows….ideally matching the facial contours

Q – Over the last few years I have become aware that my eyebrows have started to look rather ‘heavy’, with lax skin, such that my upper eyelids are far less visible. I am aware that the excess skin in the area can be surgically removed, but this seems rather drastic. Is there a non-surgical option instead? Anna, Hale
A – Hi Anna. The eyes and surrounding areas are among the most important parts of the face, and play a vital role in our non-verbal communication. With age the skin can lose some of its elasticity, causing it to sag and drape more loosely. Around the eyes this can appear as hooding of the brow, resulting in a tired, over-burdened, even pre-occupied look.
Higher, more arched brows, on the other hand can convey a positive confident image. However, it is also important that the shape of the brow suits the shape of the face. For example, an angled brow (like an inverted tick) would suit a rounder face, whereas a flatter brow makes the face appear shorter, and would suit a longer face. Ideally the eyebrows should arch at a point defined by a line drawn from the side of the nose through the side of the pupil, as shown in the image above.

Plastic surgery to remove the excess skin above the eye (a “blepharoplasty”) can be effective, but I would agree that surgery should be a last resort. For a less invasive alternative, it would be worth considering a ‘Botox brow-lift’, where small doses of Botox are carefully injected into the muscle of the eyebrow (the orbicularis occuli). In this way the brow can be lifted and reshaped, and the hooding on the upper eyelid can be reduced. I would recommend a thorough assessment to see if this procedure might be suitable for you.