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Sale and Altrincham Messenger 18 July 2013

ENJOY THE SUN…..but stay protected

I’ve received a few questions relevant to the lovely weather we’re currently having, so this week I’m going to summaries my advice for how best to look after your skin in sunny times.
DO wear suncream each and every day, especially on the face and delicate skin of the décolletage area. Look for SPF factor 30 and above, which shows protection against the burning effects of UVB, and a three ‘star’ rating (or above), which shows the protection from the skin-ageing UVA rays. Always apply at least half an hour before going outside.

DO reapply at regular intervals, especially when swimming or if perspiring excessively, as the effectiveness of some suncreams can quickly diminish.

DO wear a wide brimmed hat when out in direct sun, as well as large sunglasses – the skin around the eyes is very thin, and so is particularly sensitive to the adverse effects of sunrays.

DO try to avoid being in direct sunlight for long periods during the part of the day when the sun is at its strongest – typically 11am till 3pm.

DO drink lots of fluids – we lose far more moisture through sweating during warmer weather, and dehydration quickly shows in the skin, and can cause puffiness under the eyes. Aim to drink at least two to three litres in a day, and even more if undertaking exercise or strenuous activity.