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Sale and Altrincham Messenger 1 August 2013


I received some really positive feedback on last week’s feature on Lisa and the success we had with her skin condition. This week, with her kind permission, I’m reproducing a letter I received from Anne, who came to see me about some unwanted wrinkles.
“Dear Sarah, As you are aware, before I made my first consultation, initially just to meet with you and understand fully your procedures, I did a tremendous amount of research from the Dr’s qualifications to the type of Botox used.

My initial visit in which you spent over an hour discussing my every question left me without any doubt that not only were you fully qualified, meticulous, professional but that you perfectly understood my main concern which (like many peoples conception of Botox) was that I did not want a “˜frozen, startled look’ but more a smoother more youthful appearance!

To say that I am more confident, happy and not forgetting more youthful looking is an understatement! Recently, whilst on holiday I was asked if I drink “˜youth juice’ whilst others admired my “˜flawless skin’. I think its very important to also say that my very dearest friend (whom I have known for over 30 years) hasn’t even commented only to say “˜how good I look’ which leads me back to your philosophy “˜looking better, rather than different’.

The only regret I have is not meeting you sooner and having the courage to do something about my frown lines which were really beginning to get me down. I remember the dreaded feeling of “˜photo time’ and wishing I could erase those lines. Now, when I have my photo taken all I can see is flawless skin and happiness.

Thank you for making such a difference Sarah, I’m brimming with confidence and LOVE when people give me that “second look”!! With best wishes, Anne”