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Hale based Dr Sarah Norman has spoken out after concerns were raised by the BBC over the “remote prescribing” of Botox.  Dr Sarah Norman has her own clinic in Altrincham, BrightNewMe where she offers non-surgical cosmetic procedures including Botox and welcomes the news that “remote prescribing” is to be banned by the General Medical Council GMC.
The investigation has exposed the practice of remote prescribing of Botox, which is a prescription-only medicine.  Within the report a London-based doctor was shown to have built up a network of hundreds of nurses who would phone him from all over the UK to receive authorisation to inject patients.   If a nurse was unable to contact him, he encouraged them to inject the patient and he would then contact them later.  The GMC is now to ban this practice.

Dr Norman says: “˜It concerns me that the aesthetics industry remains unregulated, and poorly administered treatments can lead to the so-called “frozen look” and/or obvious signs of treatment.  In my opinion the use of Botox and other injectables should be regarded as a medical procedure, and they should only be administered by an individual qualified to do so, with a thorough understanding of facial anatomy.

This move by the GMC, which will make it far more difficult for non-medical individuals to acquire Botox, is a considerable step forward in terms of ensuring patient safety.’




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