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The historical way of charging for Botox® has been for costs to vary according to whether there have been one, two or three “˜areas’ treated, the areas traditionally being the glabella, the forehead, and the area around the eyes (so-called “˜crows feet’).  My charges for Botox® are £220 for one area, £275 for two areas, and £330 for three areas.  A supplement of £40 is charged to patients who have a large dose, which applies to men (due to the larger muscles needing greater amounts of product) and some female patients.

Prices for certain non-cosmetic uses of Botox® can only be given after consultation, though charges for the treatment of excessive sweating start at £495, at £250 for treating blepharospasm, at £495 for treating migrainesand at £300 for treating bruxism (teeth grinding).

Confirmation of likely costs for Botox® treatment would be given at a free, “˜no-obligation’ initial assessment with myself, or prior to first treatment should you prefer. Please contact us on 0161 928 2210 to arrange your free consultation.

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