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Campaign to Regulate the Use of Dermal Fillers

I’m delighted that my support for the campaign to regulate the use of dermal fillers has received attention in the local press – see the ‘Press’ section on the ‘News’ tab above or click on this link bit.ly/UIQI9Z

Regulation of the Cosmetic Industry

The 2nd reading of The Cosmetic Surgery Bill 2012/ 2013 is to be heard in The House of Commons on Friday. Regulation is much needed for non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Until the industry is regulated patients are vulnerable. Please ensure your Botox/ Dermal Fillers practitioner is fully qualified. This means GMC for doctors, BDA for dentists & NMC for nurses.  

Juvederm Smile for your Lips

An early sign of ageing is when the corners of the mouth start to turn down. This can lead to an ‘unhappy’ look and marionette lines extending to the jaw. With subtle use of a dermal lip filler such as Juvederm Smile the natural curve of the mouth can be restored giving a more youthful appearance.

New Year, new you!

Whether your concern is redness, acne, pigmentation, open pores, dull tone, your decolletage… or if you have other skin problems, there is effective prescription skin care from BrightNewMe. Consultations are free. Why wait?

October Live Cheshire

BrightNewMe are delighted to feature in an editorial in the October issue of Live Cheshire on anti-ageing treatments. The editor gives advice on finding who to choose for treatments, ”Choose people and businesses where there is clear and proven passion and success. And in Cheshire we’re blessed with many opportunities to work with the very best in the country, who will never make false promises, and will always deliver the very best results possible”. https://brightnewme.co.uk/portfolio/live-cheshire-september-2012/