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Vein treatment Manchester

Vein treatment in Manchester A significant proportion of patients who find their way to Dr Sarah Norman have been suffering with problematic facial (or thread) veins for a considerable number of years.  Her typical client is one looking for facial vein treatment from a skilled, experienced and capable practitioner, in an appropriately clinical setting, such as High Street Medical in Altrincham.  More information with regards to Sarah’s experience, and in particular with regards to the treatments she offers for facial veins, can be found on the relevant page of our website, or on our page of frequently asked questions. You […]

Skin lesions – warts, moles and skin tags

'Skin lesions' is the generic name for a wide range of lumps or bumps that appear on the skin, through a variety of different causes. The vast majority of skin lesions are harmless, but they can cause significant cosmetic concern, and affect an individual's confidence, or they can routinely catch on clothing (and hence be a source of regular irritation). A selection of some of the different types of skin lesions which can be treated at BrightNewMe are shown below.  We treat a wide variety of lesions using two processes, cryotherapy or thermo-coagulation. The process of cryotherapy which is used, [...]

Treatment of Skin Lesions at BrightNewMe

Skin lesions are lumps or bumps on your skin which have a variety of causes. Many are harmless and don’t need to be removed. Pigmented lesions, especially those which have changed, need to be checked out by your family doctor. Signs suggestive of the need for an early assessment are shown below and can range from simple skin tags shown below to vascular (red) dots such as these Campbell de Morgan spots      

Facial Vein Treatment – Frequently Asked Questions

Many patients follow their treatment with Dermalux LED light therapy, the cost of which is £25 (as opposed to the normal £40) for a 30 minute session. This will not only reduce the downtime (redness and healing time) but also provide antiageing/ general skin benefits.

Facial Vein Treatment

Facial vein treatment, at BrightNewMe Thread veins (also known as spider veins) are an extremely common condition, affecting approximately 50% of the Western population, both men and women, of all ages. Although they have no detrimental health consequences, they can be unsightly, and can significantly affect a person’s confidence. There are a number of methods of treating facial thread veins, including laser, IPL (intense pulse light) and epilation. However, all of these techniques have significant drawbacks, such as a risk of scarring, and often require multiple treatment sessions. The technique we use at BrightNewMe is thermo-coagulation, using the ThermaVein system, […]