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Our Team

Helen Brankin has been an ever-present member of the team at BrightNewMe since we launched in 2012. In recent years she has fulfilled the role of Clinic Manager with great aplomb. Renowned for her good nature and liked by all, Helen keeps her finger firmly on the pulse, making sure our high standards of patient service are maintained. Away from work, Helen has a busy life with her husband, two grown-up daughters and extended family. Dr Sarah Norman is co-founder and medical lead at BrightNewMe, and as such has her own dedicated page detailing her background and views on skincare and aesthetic treatments. [...]




I have always been passionate about making sure my clients receive the very best levels of service and care, and one of the real privileges of my position is being able to share in their success stories. A number of clients are happy to share their experiences, albeit many wish for their identities to remain private, which of course we respect. Please click on the extract to read their comments below in full. Some of the comments have been reproduced here, with permission, from our Google reviews page. My skin looks better than it did 10yrs ago Alison, Timperley, June […]

The BrightNewMe Clinic in Altrincham

The BrightNewMe Clinic in Altrincham You will find that my clinic at High Street Medical very much reflects my approach at BrightNewMe – relaxed and welcoming, yet always highly professional. High Street Medical is a newly renovated private medical facility in the heart of Altrincham, offering clinical services to private medical practitioners.  As such you can be assured that it is a venue entirely appropriate for the provision of medical procedures and treatments. Despite its name, the clinic is tucked away in a quieter part of Altrincham, away from the glare of the principal shopping outlets.  It is, however, very […]


My name is Sarah, and welcome to the website of BrightNewMe, my specialist skincare and aesthetics clinic. We provide a range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, but always with an emphasis on creating a very natural look.  We are also passionate about skincare, and offer advice and prescription-grade products to address a wide range of skin concerns.